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Hello team!!!
I've stumbled on this forum quite accidentally while searching for ads for Lamborghini chassis and car body only. SO, I need A Lamborghini without an engine, without transmission, without gas tank,without car battery, without the AC but with everything else on it. So an engineless, transmissionless, exhaustless, AC-less and without battery Lamborghini. Everything else on it - interior in good condition, car body in good condition (minor damaged sections of the body and interior are acceptable), wheels, brakes, tires, air bags in not used condition etc... The year of production can be anywhere between 2009 up until today. I need it to be buy at once, no auctions no nothing. And for anyone out there who might have this item I am lloking for, we can make an arrangement like this - if you have Lambo with an engine, a tranny, an exhaust, a gas tank, an AC, you can keep them for you so that the price I will be paying will be lower. Any offers on this? Can you eye ball the price for what I am looking for so that I can know what I am letting myself into?

Thank youfor your time.

P.S.: If moderators think this is the wrong place to post this thread, I am sorry. Just let me know in which forum I should post this and I will relocate it.
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