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Ill be in SF this weekend!

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Any owners want to meet up? Any nice restaurants I should go to? I’m already going to Aqua on Sunday night but any other suggestions?

Ill be there from Saturday 23rd till Tuesday 27th
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Shahram, if your into SUSHI you need to visit "SUSHI GROOVE" ! Very hip sushi restaurant, live DJ spins tracks all night..Great ambience and Vibe .

A few other greats restaurants :

* The Colonial
* Slanted Door
* Postrio

Ya can't beat the dining in SF !

Shahram, I may be able toi join you. I have not been to "Aqua" and don't know what parking is like around there. Do you? Send me a private message here if you (and/or) others would like to get together.

I will be in a business meeting for dinner but we can meet on Sat or Sun before 6pm.
Check your PM
Aqua is in the financial district so im sure parking sucks
I can confirm that. The "street" that Aqua is on is more like an alley...
Shah, need your freakin address so we can get these calenders in the mail. 3rd request!! :)...before you get lost in the SF Fog or "On the Dock of the Bay"....take a cable car ride for Ghiradelli Sq....I lived on Pine Street and went to Gallelio High...:)

[email protected]
check your email JR.

Thank you
go to british motor cars, they have a nice collection of check and see if they are puttin the new tranny in my
Can't make it, sorry. I personally think you'll have no problems parking at Aqua Sunday eve. The Aqua I'm thinking of is on California Ave. I've never had problems parking in this district after hours.

I'll second Le Colonial and Bix, both are in the same general area. Another great sushi place is ebisu, just be ready to wait for an hour. Most tourists want to go to Tommy's for mexican, which is ok food, but has a great tequila selection.

Dont be suckered into going to Boulevard - it was great a few years ago, now just high priced and average. I now bad mouth it whenever I get the chance.
Thanks for the tips guys. I usually don’t like going to the “known” places. In LA the Crustacean is a place on tv and a place to see famous people but the service sucks because they are so many star glaziers. Too many tourist and people who shouldn’t be there.

That’s why is best to ask the locals who know what good and what hype
SF this weekend

If you like Italian food, try Caffe Sport at 574 Green Street - North Beach District (open for lunch & dinner Fridays, Saturdays closed Sundays and Mondays) . They have great food and large portions. My favorate pasta with meat sauce.
I am like you....Here are some of my favorites:
Asia de Cuba
Gary Danko
Fifth floor
Le Colonial
Luna Park

By the way, I grew up in this area. You are guaranteed to have great food and an excellent atmosphere at these places.

Have fun!

BTW- So who is going into the city this weekend. Perhaps we can make a Lamborghini day trip for the locals????
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Thanks for the tips guys!
I got home last night. Beautiful city with so many beautiful architecture and history. I love how environmentally friendly the city is with all of the electric busses and the natural gas taxies.
On the advice of John (from we went to the Muir woods which was unbelievable!

I can never live in that city! I saw a lot of Porsches probably because there is no where to park them. Very unfriendly to Lambos.. It’s not for me
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