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and in it, the good guys (puppets) have a limo that looks to me like a stretched Diablo..... I about laughed my backside off when I saw it!!!

As a word of introduction, I'm a new poster, I've been surfing the board for a few days. I don't own a Lamborghini yet, although I would love to, and will if my hazardous waste treatment business ever really takes off, or if people start buying a lot of the chicken feed additive I invented... I have a serious jones for any of the 12-cylinder variants from the Countach through the Murcielago, but a Gallardo would be just fine, IMO....

One question, I'm short (5'6") but I have extremely broad shoulders, as in they would not be out of place on a guy a full foot taller than me. What kind of shoulder room is in a Countach/Diablo/Mircielago/Gallardo? When I drive my brother-in-law's hot-rodded mid-70s 'vette, my left shoulder is up against the door....

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