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Huracan pricing bubble

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I don’t know about anyone else, but these prices are getting out of control. Evos with 5k+ mileage asking for 350k plus?? Performantes in the high 300 low 400 range? 610s approaching 300? At some point this has to relax a little. I’m just some old guy venting that when he finally has enough to purchase the cars that the asking price keeps getting higher and higher.
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In these tough times people who would have otherwise bought an Aventador might instead snatch up a cheaper Huracan on a budget.
I don’t buy cars in GTA I steal them.
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I'm so on the fence about what to do, as the market is what it is now and no one can predict the future. I have a GT3 Touring coming in August and the Tecnica arrival is TBD. Do I pretrade the 992 TTS now, wait until August when the Touring arrives, or hold it until I know the ETA on the Tecnica? I can get a tax credit that is good for a year.

The Lamborghini dealer is offering me more than Porsche, but not knowing the arrival time of the Tecnica could put the tax credit at jeopardy if I trade it too early to them.
I don’t know what I’d do but I’m interested in seeing what you end up doing and if it is worth it in the end.
Worth it financially, or worth giving up the Turbo for the Tecnica?
Either one…
The market is decidedly different.
We now have 9% inflation, a world wide pandemic, WW3 starting, world starvation, 6% interest rates going to 10% asap, feds liquidating $5 trillion in assets, $30 trillion national debt, China going to invade Taiwan, 2 million more illegals, rule of law being ignored, Kardashian show might not get renewed, WE NEED A BIGGER BOAT

I think the liberal created doomsday clock is broken. Nice huh?
no murci
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I think it will take longer to unwind than what people are willing to wait.
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Doubt there will ever be a $150k good example EVO at this point?
What about a lightly damaged one from a Salvage auction? Can get barely damaged run and drive units for pretty good prices. That’s always a consideration. I’ve bought TONS of them over the years. Lirerally tons, because cars weigh a lot. :)
good for building inventory for a rental business perhaps
Only about 6-7k Huracans in the US and 13-14k for rest of the world I estimate.
You talk kilometers. I talk miles. We are not the same. 🤣
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So if someone is in the market for a Huracan they shouldn’t buy yet?
Because it’s cheaper and better to buy a new car right now than used, the demand for new has increased waitlists considerably.

but because waitlists are so long, some people are willing to pay more to get a used car without the wait.

And as the price for used cars goes up, more people opt to spec a new car and pile into waitlists.

And as the waitlists get impossibly long, people get desperate and will pay more for used.

The premium we see on used cars right now is time value.
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Almost got rear ended today! What would have happened to the value
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Likely would have just needed a new rear bumper, although the EVO rear bumper doesn’t look like it’d hold up particularly well to getting hit, may cause further damage to innards.
To me this is all an academic exercise. After 5 years of income I doubt I’ll care much about the dollar value of my EVO that I’ve spent daily driving for the past 5 years. Looking at my forward earnings my net worth will probably have increased a lot regardless of the depreciation.
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I’ve always accepted what the market is, you gotta understand and purchase cars base on how much you enjoy them. Save for classic cars or very rare one-offs cars, they should be enjoyed and not considered investments.

No matter what price you get, if you enjoy it, then it’s worth it. My friend passed away last week - 40 and extremely successful, Koenigsegg owner - I don’t think he ever bothered to care about his purchases of cars. He drove them well and enjoyed every bit of it all. Life is short, buy what you love if you can afford it -stop worrying about depreciation when it comes to cars.
I heard of someone pass away recently who owned a Koenigsegg, was your friend slipperywhenwayne on IG?
You got to look at depreciation as the cost of building your own car and being the original owner.
Assuming you care about either of those things, of course.
If you don’t care then you just buy used at a discount.
As prices go down I bet the quality of available specs will too as some impatient buyers will just be willing to pay a bit more now for good specs. Waitlists haven’t gotten any shorter.
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