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Huracan pricing bubble

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I don’t know about anyone else, but these prices are getting out of control. Evos with 5k+ mileage asking for 350k plus?? Performantes in the high 300 low 400 range? 610s approaching 300? At some point this has to relax a little. I’m just some old guy venting that when he finally has enough to purchase the cars that the asking price keeps getting higher and higher.
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That's got to be a joke, a sick joke but a joke nonetheless.
:) Yes.
One bubble too much!
„The very last car being built will be a Sportscar.“ (E. Ferrari).
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:giggle: Wait, you mean I won't be able to get 8mil for my STO........darn!
Oh, no. Not at all.
Stay patient.
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Actually it’s three issues that happen in a time:
The shortage of materials of all kind because of COVID + war, the fact that combustion engine driven species will see their end of lifetime coming shortly and finally: inflation.
Could be the values reman stable or even rise.
Also it may happen they come down down to nowhere since younger respectively future generations are not interested in noisy and stinky vehicles anymore.
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Actually this V10 definitely is said to be indestructible.
A monument of an engine. Keeper in itself.
Take it and build a vehicle around it. Any.
:giggle: Sounds like you're hoping and praying for the car market to take a nosedive.
Some apparently do…😎
I saw posts here saying there will be less than 1000 STOs. It will be around 3000 as predicted by me. Produced by the end of 2024!!!
Now I do hear the car market will fall apart shortly.
Why do I have accept delivery times of far more than a year for even a common 992 GTS Cabrio then?
Not to speak about species like EVOs, any kind of mid engine Ferrari Spiders (F8, 296GTS, SF90). 812: sold out….
Higher interest rates are one thing. Still much higher demand than supplies the other. Foreseeable end of combustion engine era on top.
Calm down folks.
I do. 🤗
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I agree the market is facing a short term correction which is normal regarding the current circumstances. The US market seems to be more overheated than the German/European. Still there are very few RWD Spyders here quoted some 50-60k above list price however. Going down slightly.
In the mid term prices may come back closer to MSRP but I dont see dramatic nosedives.
NA 10 cyclinder monumentale engines will be gone forever in two years time. Thus, who of the freaks in the sportscars scenery would care about a few points of interest rates?
I would not be surprised we will experience a rush on this cars towards the end of 2024.
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EVOs deliveries delayed by half a year on a short hand note here. 992 GTS shipments postponed by several months due to missing components. New emission regulations take place in 2025 here in Europe causing car m, to move to fully electrified cars only. There are only a few years left for combustion engines, time is running out.
Who is keen on 400 pounds ++ of battery mass in a Sportscar?
I’ve got a buddy who is picking up his 911 Turbo Cab in July. Originally he was expecting it in early 23 and all of a sudden he was told a couple months ago it would be ready this summer. Complete pleasant surprise for him!
Lucky guy he is.
I just experience the opposite. And I am not the only one,
It mainly depends on the selection of extras and their combination. As a result of this kind of lottery it sometimes happens cars can be completed and shipped earlier than expected.
EVOs had been postponed by several months in March. Just weeks before delivery should have taken place,
A world which is full of uncertainties.
The EU ICE ban doesn't go into effect until 2035, not 2025, assuming it doesn't get changed. Remember the EUs big push to switch to diesel, that failed spectacularly?

I think you're severely overestimating the hybrid impact short term, and underestimating the number of Huracans on the market... at least for the US market. In the US, there are 370 used Huracans for sale atm... That's a ton. That's nearly double the number of ALL year model Vipers combined (92-17), that are currently for sale. And there are 300 V10 R8s for sale.
Be careful. I am not talking about theban but the new emission regulations which cause manufacturers to change to E-support. Can u see what Ferrari are doing already? SF90, 296GTS.
in a few years time every Ferrari will be a Hybrid,
The same happens within Lambo, just a few years later.
2025 is the deadline for non hybridized cars.
2035 for combustion engines.
It’s an interesting discussion indeed. So many viewpoints. Inflation causes higher rates but also destroys the money‘s value. Can it destroy cars?
Dealers who stapled inventory may become nervous now, they have to serve their loans. Same with „locusts“ 🤞who borrowed money to buy out of the bubble which is going to be deflated.
Happy the ones that paid MSRP and - are able to drive their funcars every day.✌
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I’d say the position to negotiate could be worse.
It’s a question of whether to loose a summer of driving or some (ten) thousands of $ perhaps.
The RWDs will remain much more stable in pricing just because of the technica will terminate their lifetime. As said before. Also, EVOs are much more expensive in general compared with preEVO cars.
I just had a glance on the market here. It’s just 7 EVO Spdyer’s available at present in Germany which are well above MSRP.
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Recession will go, 10 cylinder NA engines will overcome!
From here on we are different territory like when we went ice engines from horses.
..Did horse prices go up?
No. But 458s are almost as expensive as 488s.
And 6 Zylinder NA Boxer driven Porsches (GT3) are as expensive as 650 hp 992tts. Which causes prices far above MSRP and severe shortages in supplies of GT3s.
Guess what will happen with 10 (or12) cylinder NA cars against hybrid cars that are the worst technological nonsense in the automotive history.
All of your comparisons are apples to oranges.
Hmm. May be horses to cars are.
Let‘s wait and see.🙋🏻‍♂️
PS: V10 in an R8 doesn‘t count.😉
Equals 100000 per unit In average.
Depreciation on the vessel?:unsure:o_O
Or estimates of the insurances after touching the ground?:ROFLMAO:
Man, I would have hesitated at the $215K Cad because of the mileage but now there is greater mileage and a $73K Cad increase to boot. It's simply breathtaking.
We don’t see such exaggerations on the non-EVO sector here. Just some RWD Spyders which are very rare are that expensive.
What is the actual waiting time for brand new EVOs in the US?
The Lamborghini factory has been cranking out Huracans' like clock work. My order for the EVO RWD submitted the order the 13th of May and arrived at the dealership on the 11th of October so about 5 months and that's with the August closure to boot. In the case of my STO it looks like it will wind up being a 5 month turnaround as well. I suspect Lamborghini wants to crank the Huracans out to capitalize on the insanely high demand.
That sounds perfect.
Something must be going wrong here. They postponed EVOs by at least half a year this spring. With planned shipments in April just shifted to November. Did they have to compensate the losses after the sunk vessel in March to the disadvantage of the European market?
Here is another STO for sale.......... :giggle:

Still way above MSRP, isn’t it?
That WAS my STO :(

Yes sticker is 374,233 for that car
The „losses“ seem to stay within tolerable boundaries…:cool:
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