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Huracan pricing bubble

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I don’t know about anyone else, but these prices are getting out of control. Evos with 5k+ mileage asking for 350k plus?? Performantes in the high 300 low 400 range? 610s approaching 300? At some point this has to relax a little. I’m just some old guy venting that when he finally has enough to purchase the cars that the asking price keeps getting higher and higher.
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Dealer won't let me order Tecnica unless I have an existing Huracan or a high end AMG/M car to trade in.

Had an EVO RWD allocation at $268k then Tecnica came out and dealer cancelled it. Tecnica completely base is at $300k. With our new tax coming in Canada, the price difference is $45k so it's pretty significant otherwise that was my plan. A used Huracan with today's prices would be about $85k cheaper than a Tecnica next year
Considering the incoming tax implications, I'd buy the car now. I personally wouldn't pay another $85k + wait a year+ for a Tecnica. With that money you could completely customize your exterior, and do a conservative 1000whp TT build.
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The markets are getting wrecked, rates are going up and we're probably heading towards a recession. Not a chance in hell these cars don't start dropping in price and RIP to all the people who paid insane ADM's.
Agreed, though I can commiserate with those hopeful folks who are clinging to the idea that these prices will last.
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N/A high displacement is the key to emotional connections. Even with turbos just doesn’t make any sense to me. I loved my mclaren but ultimately sold them all because they couldn’t bring enough excitement for me. The LT came very close and I’m sure the 765lt is great. If I had unlimited funds and
Unlimited garage space…
Sounds like you need to experience a TT Huracan.... 😁
haha I tried a VF 610 and it was really fast. Not sure STO can handle the power though.
Oh man, a proper TT car is much more fun than the SC cars, and the sounds are incredible! The STO can def handle a conservative 900-1000hp TT setup with motecs and the right tires.
Yes, agree, eventually discounts on new cars and resales with an appropriate hit. Hoping for one more good year.
And here I am hoping for an immediate crash. 😁
driving the huracan whole summer vs. waiting and saving up 30k?

I'd take the car anytime. life is short.
Makes me glad that I can drive my fun cars year round.
Just impatiently biding my time before buying my next car and doing a massive custom build. The looming recession has me excited.
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I would appreciate that, as I have some big plans that would benefit greatly from such price action.
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Quick question: what was normal depreciation like on a Huracan pre-covid/supply chain issues, etc?

You got to look at depreciation as the cost of building your own car and being the original owner.

Assuming you care about either of those things, of course.
If you don’t care then you just buy used at a discount.
Yup, yup, which is almost always my go to. Saved myself $60k buying one of my last vehicles 2 years old.
What I meant is a portion of the young crowd, of course not they aren't fueling the entire thing! Like a lot of things in life a mixture adds up to a whole.

What I define as a young crowd isn't necessarily 20 year old's. What's the portion I don't know but more new owners than if there weren't any recent youtubers.
I'd imagine that the number of their younger viewers who're actually in a position to buy a car in this range is miniscule.
When I think younger viewers I think those who are in their 20's, 30's, 40's. Those videos will give some the spark to go out there and earn more or like Dave said reverse engineer a plan to get there. I know it fueled me even more and I changed my strategy.

What I read on other forums on how much a lot of young American employees make they aren't out of reach as much as I once thought.
As an American, in the middle of your specified age ranges, who also lives near an extremely affluent area (especially known for people desperate to be perceived as wealthy, aka the $30k millionaires), I am almost always one of the youngest guys in any of the very large exotic groups here. We will often times have upward of 30+ Huracans, 20+ 720S, 20+ Vipers, Bugattis, Paganis, La Ferraris, etc, at our local shows, and the vast majority of the owners are 50+.

I personally think that what you're reading online is VERY much blown out of proportion.
Slow down maybe, recession I'm not sure. I'm not talking about everyone but many people are making more money than ever working from home and that's good news for my biz at least.

I'm still perplexed why anyone worries about a recession if they can afford a Lambo.
Just because I can afford luxury items doesn't mean I'm going to stop paying attention to current events, the market, or stop using my collected information to make financial decisions... If someone has an asset that has appreciated, and there's a recession looming on the horizon, it only makes sense that some folks would want to maximize their gains while they can. Honestly seem rather simple to me.
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I said it before but for me when I bought my current car, I thought poof money gone. I do not think of depreciation because I know when I sell it'll be practically worth nothing, I'm putting so many miles, wearing out the tires, wearing out the engine etc. I bought it to drive it every day, every day I have fun and I would be miserable locked in my house every night watching TV. I've been watching TV for over 20 years when I was an employee. Now I can afford putting premium gas so I'm catching up in the happiness department. I'm having a blast.
While I understand where you are coming from, you're comparing your Vette to a Huracan, which people rarely utilize/treat the same way, and then assuming that that is typical ownership behavior for cars like the Huracan. Even if that were the case, which it most certainly is not, you're still expecting the majority of other owners to share your views and practices, without being willing to acknowledge that how you operate in regards to your fun car is not the norm.

You should also consider the fact that there are plenty of folks who saw what the market was doing, initially, and decided to basically buy and drive an exotic for free, or even make money doing so, and now that the market corrections are imminent, are cashing out.
EVOs deliveries delayed by half a year on a short hand note here. 992 GTS shipments postponed by several months due to missing components. New emission regulations take place in 2025 here in Europe causing car m, to move to fully electrified cars only. There are only a few years left for combustion engines, time is running out.
Who is keen on 400 pounds ++ of battery mass in a Sportscar?
The EU ICE ban doesn't go into effect until 2035, not 2025, assuming it doesn't get changed. Remember the EUs big push to switch to diesel, that failed spectacularly?

I think you're severely overestimating the hybrid impact short term, and underestimating the number of Huracans on the market... at least for the US market. In the US, there are 370 used Huracans for sale atm... That's a ton. That's nearly double the number of ALL year model Vipers combined (92-17), that are currently for sale. And there are 300 V10 R8s for sale.
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My suggestion is 1000% no, but everyone has their own preferences and needs.
No. But 458s are almost as expensive as 488s.
And 6 Zylinder NA Boxer driven Porsches (GT3) are as expensive as 650 hp 992tts. Which causes prices far above MSRP and severe shortages in supplies of GT3s.
Guess what will happen with 10 (or12) cylinder NA cars against hybrid cars that are the worst technological nonsense in the automotive history.
All of your comparisons are apples to oranges.
Oops what I wrote didn't come out exactly like I wanted to express. I'm missing a sentences so I'll try to rephrase.
Based on the prices today, do you think many guys will go ahead and buy right now stretching their budget or wait it out till the market cools off?

Do not worry about me over stretching, my plan was to reach enough funds at the prices of late 2020. This plan has not changed.

As someone who has a transformation, of sorts, build in mind for a Perf, I would be silly to buy now. I could go as high as $450k to finish the build I want, but if I just wait a bit longer, I'm expecting I can save $60-80k+, so why wouldn't I. That said, I already have a fun car that I can't figure out a replacement for for under $240k, so maybe that's why it's easier for me to sit on the sidelines.
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Up to 378 Huracans for sale now on CG, with 27 recent price drops.
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