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Huracan pricing bubble

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I don’t know about anyone else, but these prices are getting out of control. Evos with 5k+ mileage asking for 350k plus?? Performantes in the high 300 low 400 range? 610s approaching 300? At some point this has to relax a little. I’m just some old guy venting that when he finally has enough to purchase the cars that the asking price keeps getting higher and higher.
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Sports cars have appreciated to some extent but I keep my expectations modest. If I can pull out MSRP upon resale, I'm good. Hell, this is the first couple of years were the car hobby has not taken money out of my pocket upon resale.
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I haven't lost money on a Porsche or any sports car in about ten years but I tend to buy great quality used cars that are below market value, such as my 997 GT3, 1992 911 (964), GT4, Macan GTS, C8 etc. I've unloaded all of my cars this year to buy a new Huracan, Tesla Model Y P, and 2022 Raptor 37. I feel in todays market, if you can get a highly desirable vehicle and spec at MSRP, I'd rather be unloading my used cars at a premium to help insulate myself when the market does dip.
That's excellent but my interest in sports cars is only about 4+ years duration and I only spend money on this stuff I can set on fire. As I have said before, I sowed and now I reap......... :giggle:
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For those with Huracans, if you were in the market for your first Lambo, would you pay MSRP in this market for a 5 year old 580 or wait for prices to calm down? Cars seem to be "grass is always greener" once you get them so not sure if it's worth paying the premium in today's market.
For those with a Lamborghini in hand I would recommend waiting on an MSRP but if you want to break into the market and get into a Lamborghini badly I would suck it up and do the ADM and march on. When I was buying Porsches I was new to the Sports Cars and going from a 718 Cayman S as my first and only purchase to the GT cars would have taken to much time. Money was not a problem so, I decided to move right on up to a new 3RS and 2RS and the price of admission was an ADM.
Another valid point made by @2Tired, in September won't the hammer fall with the Luxury tax? If so, that is another reason to take the leap. Best of luck!
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Im not sure when the party ends, but it will end……
I think the market still has a little life in it but, yes, if you bought these cars to make a killing.............well, watch the killing part. :giggle:
Time will tell….. I’ll be on record to say the bubble is bursting and someday this thread will be bumped and I’ll look savvy or look like a moron! :ROFLMAO:
Does anyone want to buy a Blu Cepheus EVO? :LOL:
:giggle: You're just trying to make us feel good, and spreading cheer everywhere you go.
Lol…no. My biggest interests in life are women, markets and cars…in that order. So just voicing my opinion…we shall see if I’m right eventually. And if I’m wrong, I have no problem being called out for it.
No, I think you're spot on. Both the car and housing market are due for a correction whether we like it or not.
In my area that's a negative, too many immigrants coming here throwing money to get a roof because it's cheaper than the other side and it's a bidding frenzy. Take a look here at these 2 cranes it's now going skyward.

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Well, we shall see but I am not expecting my housing gains to be long term but if it should be I won't complain.
While supply vs demand is affecting both markets there's a giant difference in that ICE cars are being killed off particularly at the top end. Mid to long term you can only compare high performance cars and houses if western countries try to mandate that we no longer build houses and everyone must live in an apartment. Houses (high performance ICE cars in this analogy) would be unlikely to come back down in value.
Hope your right but, having lived in Texas twice before, I have seen the housing market run up then within a few years pull back.

Regarding ICE, I hope they will hold their value but there are a fair number of buyers that are inclined to chase the next new shiney Lamborghini to be released. Also as the ICE crowd ages I think the upcoming/future generations may be all in with the Electric toasters cars.
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The issue I see in the long term of Ev or Hybrids is the battery components are so expensive to replace. I do hope this won't be the case with the A replacement but the tech is too new for lower cost components. The P1's lithium-ion batteries cost approx. $150,000.

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I understand it's a hypercar but even if a A replacement battery is 75k (half) it's still a huge turn off when the car is resold after warranty expire. There is a simplicity to knowing you own an H or A - the engines are tried and true. Especially for the H when you know that V10 + DCT is truly reliable and a beast.

I'll be getting into the A replacement for sure, but I will always keep one ice car!
Agree, and I also have special place in my heart for these gas-guzzling, monstrosities as per the Green New Deal fanatics.
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The full unwind may take a year or two, where used cars are below MSRP. But the start of the unwind is imminent, imo.
So Ray, when the stuff hits the fan, are we talking outcomes more akin to Graph "A" or "B"? :giggle:


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I don’t know which it’ll be.
But the end result is used cars being under MSRP. For sure regular production cars like Evos and Urus will be.
Yes, agree, eventually discounts on new cars and resales with an appropriate hit. Hoping for one more good year.
The answer would be no. I'm still saving up, I'm getting closer but sticking with my amended budget of no more than 240K plus taxes. For some people money they earn isn't difficult, some make so much it becomes their pocket change.

Often times the money I make is a devil's paycheck, people insulting me, people throwing tantrums cursing like banshees, one job I completed a woman started to scream and turned her purse upside down spilling all the contents on the counter and bouncing on the floor NO MONEYY! Mam those are checks that fell out right there, more insanity ensued. Many try to cheat the bill even when I go out of my way on Saturday or Sunday night to help them out, some not paying the bill at all and filing complaints! On a few occasions I had to threaten to call the police, I've had to go knock on some doors at night to get paid. I could write a book...

I'm not about to take the money I've earned from hell and gift it to someone for easy profit. No.

Like my GF says I already have a nice car.

There will be another Italian festival and when the time is right I'll be there to grab it.
You're smart to sticking to your budget. Your time will come, just continue to enjoy your Corvette until you feel comfortable taking the leap.
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If it happens, we'll all have much bigger problems than car prices because the economy would've collapsed, lol
Don't laugh, El Presidente Joey Biden may just make that happen or get us nuked by Russia because of his bumbling, inept, confused, disjointed foreign policy.
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That is too funny! Whatever they do I hope they don't beam him aboard. There is alien intelligence and alien stupidity he is the latter.
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355 huracans listed on Autotrader as of today (USA Nationwide). Cheapest one is $199k with almost 100k miles on it.
Heck, less than two years ago I bought a preowned 2019 580-2 with 1600 miles for $197K plus free shipping. That, in fact, was my first Lamborghini.
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What a divergence!
It is, quite frankly, breathtaking! Again, I purchased the 580-2 less than two years ago, and when I bought said car it was less than a year old.
What are the car loan interest rates looking like at this time? I know they are slowly creeping up........
I guess that would depend on amount loaned and term
Still fairly low under 3 and goes up from there
Well, 3% doesn't sound that oppressive but this too shall change with the Feds raising rates.
I believe we hit the peak in the car market last month and the true impact from raising rates and slowing stock/crypto markets won't be felt until the summer.

Good luck to dealers who are hoarding million dollar+ A's and $500k+ STO's.
Hopefully, those dealers didn't pay a million for those A's.
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