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Hi Guys

To those that have done the Novitec installation on the Huracan. I have my lift and all my tools to tackle the job. However, I understand the top hat for the stock suspension requires a special tool to remove the hat. Can someone that has done this upgrade send me a pic of the tool you used or part number for that tool and mfr.? Installing it shouldn't be any harder than any other car. I assume Novitec provides directions as well w/ the kit they sell? I'm looking to do this in the next couple of weeks. I called a shop and asked the fee to do the labor and I was blown away that one shop told me $1,650 for Labor and $600 for a laser alignment. That to me is insane when it's typically a 5 hour job at most.

Please let me know guys so I can get the necessary tool.

Thanks everyone :D

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