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Hi everyone!

I just noticed strange thing in my Huracan 2015.

When oil is cold and I drive in Automatic transmission mode I hear some strange sound when transmission changes from 6th to 7th gear. Acutally, the sound occur just like 0.5s before the gear changes, it is something like "grind", so I am woring about this. Just to point that if I change the gear in Manual Mode then there is no sound like this. Also after approx. 3 kilometers there is no longer such sound, so it occurs only when the oil is cold.

I never heard something like this before.

Since I bought the car I have also an issue with let's say "clearance reduction" on the clutch during low speeds and breaking, but Lamborghini told me it's normal in Huracan, however I've seen on the forum that one guy once changed the flywheel then it fixed that issue. Just I want to point, that this sound is completely different than the one described above like a "grind" when changing the geart from 6th to 7th.

Do you have some ideas about the "grind" noise?

Thank you
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