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Huracan breaking license plate

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Hey guys! Anyone ever seen something like this? Thought it was pretty funny honestly. I was driving back from Hilton Head last weekend and when I got home I felt lucky to see my license plate barely hanging on. I was returning from the Concours car show which was unfortunately rainy and cold...but I still went!

Anywho, you guys have any recommendations on what I can do to make sure this doesn't happen with my replacement tag plate?

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I use a Lamborghini carbon frame to hold my plate, but ours are metal so even without a plate holder it’s safe.
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Now that is a new one :oops:

Due to its location, it would make it next to impossible for it to catch enough wind that it would tear.
Personally, I'm leaning more towards someone trying to liberate your plate.

In no way does it rule out metal fatigue around the screw holes due to the absence of a frame. However, it is quite a head-scratcher!

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Hey everyone! So honestly the former license was only about 6 months old. When it was new it was completely flat and never bent out. I've been noticing it slightly bending over the past few months but didn't really think of it. I do drive it I stole it which I am certain is a contributing factor as to what happened. I won't say that I never speed, however, speed is likely a factor here. I also drove through some nasty storms so maybe roadwater also water pushed it back? Not sure what happens down there when driving through a Southern monsoon 🤣

These license plates are so thin and flimsy aluminum that GA is issuing nowadays...

Sounds like I need to get a rear license plate holder. I'll hit up eBay shortly...I just wonder if there's a way to better secure it since there's only two top screws on my rear bumper? Wish it had a place for four screws but naturally it hangs down a bit lower than the rear bumper so there'd be nowhere to screw the bottom screws in [slightly different than Evo and Perf pics].

Also, the wife was following me home from HHI...when I got home she was like "oh yeah, your license plate was flapping like crazy the whole time!"...🤦‍♂️ ya think she would have let me know! Ha

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Just as an FYI, we are now stocking carbon fiber license plate frame - $40 US plus shipping. Haven't even added to the website yet. These are high quality, sturdy frames that would stop any wobble in your rear license plate.
Please let me know if you may be interested. thanks!
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