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Huracán STO

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So a few weeks ago my dealer told me about the Huracán Super Trofeo Omologato possibly being unveiled in August next year which should be the most hardcore street legal Huracan yet. It should get tech from the new Evo, be extremely light and also have 5 point harness racing seats. Also it will most likely be number-limited.

Does anyone on here have more information on this?
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Its PASIFAE guys please please
PASIFAE - in greek mythology the mother of Minotaur

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I thought I was the only one that always noticed Pasifae misspelled as Parsifae.

Since Mint actually owned a Viola Pasifae I figured he could spell it however he wanted keke.

Doesn't bother me as much as when someone misspells Tint as Tints. The plural of Tint is Tint.
It was originally Parsifae, and then renamed a couple of years ago to Pasifae.

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Nice bit of trivia. Now I wonder why Lambo dropped the "r"?
I wonder if Lambo made a typo that wasn't caught by Quality Control in the original Parsifae spelling then subsequently recognized the misspelling thereby removing the "r" on future models?
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Ended up removing the stickers... Next up is Novitec suspension and Euro Reflectors

If anyone knows where I can find euro side markers please let me know View attachment 328960
Pretty spec!
Finally took delivery of my car and drove it 600 miles home, there is no better car!

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I really like this color combination. Big congrats on the new whip!
Finally picked up my STO today. The first one came in about 1.5 years ago with a few mistakes from the factory. The second one is perfect!

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Ironman Spec! Big congrats on 2nd STO
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