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Huracán STO

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So a few weeks ago my dealer told me about the Huracán Super Trofeo Omologato possibly being unveiled in August next year which should be the most hardcore street legal Huracan yet. It should get tech from the new Evo, be extremely light and also have 5 point harness racing seats. Also it will most likely be number-limited.

Does anyone on here have more information on this?
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You guys are killing me :). I have full CF gloss on my 600LTS (Black exterior) but dealer is recommending Matt CF on the STO (Nero Noctis exterior). Nero Noctis looks quite "glossy" itself so I thought matt CF would contrast nicely.

If Nero Noctis is shiny then go matte CF
Mantis is gorgeous in sunlight. Pearlescent paint is the way to go.
Likewise. Verde Metallic and the base offering of Verde Aries both look good.
Whats your preference and how do they compare to verde mantis?
Perfect. I love mantis but I also love the highlighter colored green.
Just another Beetle dressed up with a fancy wing. Enjoyed my 2 years with the 991 GT3 but been there done that. Would never leave Lamborghini to go back to a 911.

BTW 992 is like a bloated pig compared to the 991.
The reveal.......
Looks so hot. Do it William, you know you want to HA.
How exciting. STO looks good in myriad colors.
You should contact other dealers as a backup plan.
This is a good recommendation as Lamborghini unlike Ferrari does not require the buyer to purchase from the nearest local dealership.

Anyhoo don't feel too badly for William he still has his 458 Spider and forthcoming F8 Spider to drown his sorrows while waiting for his STO ;)
Not a bad idea, although it sounds a little nuts. As for spilling the beans on the 458 and F8, trying to wrestle up some sympathy here, thanks for blowing my cover 🤔....
Just cover your bases with the STO. IIRC you reside in 2 different states so should be easy to try for STO allocations at each residence. Good luck.
I think it will be like the Pista. Hard to get and over MSRP for the first batch. But those who waited long enough could eventually get one new or at MSRP or below on the secondary market.

If I don’t get an EVO RWD, I will look for a gently used STO in a couple years
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It'll be a while before STO's drop below MSRP. Majority of the deliveries are happening next year so demand should stay strong well into 2023. It's also the last track variant of the Huracan and could be the last NA V10.

Even a well known VVIP and Lambo collector on the other forum who only buys V12's is getting the STO, I assume he knows something about the future of the V10 we don't know.
Should stay solid through 2023 barring economic calamity. I hope the value stays strong because it means my 580-2 will be worth more. Rising tide lifts all boats
If I was in position to buy an STO now and was looking at an 18-24 month wait I might be persuaded to roll with a 765LT. YMMV
This is Verde Metallic.
Render come from a very nice lambo website based on your specs. Video + pictures of your car with different light etc...
Unique color. I saw a GT3 RS in that shade of green it looks nice in the metal. I'm sure the STO green is even better.

What did they charge you for the paint around $15K?
This is just one of those cars that looks good in about any color. Didn’t think the dark silver (if that’s what it is) would look so good.

Will be really interesting when these hit the streets and folks start posting up their cars.
That looks like Grigio Lynx with green decals.
I don't think I could ever own a car that has decals on it
Those decals add at least 25 HP
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Isn't a black car a bear to keep clean? At least that's what I hear many people complaining about that own one. I never had a black car but it does look both aggressive and pretty cool.
Owned only 1 black car a Nero Daytona (metallic black) Ferrari. Never again as a daily driver. Looks clean for about 15 minutes after wash. I imagine PPF and Ceramic coating would be mandatory on a black car.
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