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Huracán STO

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So a few weeks ago my dealer told me about the Huracán Super Trofeo Omologato possibly being unveiled in August next year which should be the most hardcore street legal Huracan yet. It should get tech from the new Evo, be extremely light and also have 5 point harness racing seats. Also it will most likely be number-limited.

Does anyone on here have more information on this?
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I am looking for confirmation or perhaps clarity on STO allocations. Will there be more allocations for a 2nd year run or was it just one year and done? From what i have been told by local dealership that first year allocations are sold out but they expect allocations for 2022, for which they have a waitlist. Thoughts appreciated.
Hi, looking to see if anyone has an STO in one of the orange colors and if they don't mind posting a picture. Also trying to figure out what color Daniel Abt's STO is? Is it Ariancio Xanto, Ariancio Borealis or another shade of orange? Starts around 4:40 mark. thank you.

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In case the owner is on the forum - congratulations! the car is stunning and the AdP interior is wow!.

CHECK OUT This GORGEOUS AD PERSONAM 2022 Lamborghini Huracán STO in Arancio Borealis! - YouTube
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Sooo, my car arrived and i couldn’t be happier.
Amazing color. really like verse scandal.
wow $20K is a lot. Thanks for the reply.
Total is 20k that includes the partial cofango, roof and rear engine cover. But if you want just the roof and the rear engine cover painted that is 15k
Wondering if anyone has insight into companies that will be building exterior Carbon fiber parts for the STO. I thought Novitec is going to, but have not seen any news on that front yet.

Also any updates from Lamborghini on whether they are opening up more build slots for cars where customers have ordered full exterior CF? thank you.
Hello everyone!!!
This is my first post here, so nice to meet you all. Just got news my car will be here Monday, i am super excited and cant wait! I just got quote from Farmers insurance and they wanted 4850 for 6 months, dose it sounds right? Any other company to get quotes from and will pay market value in case of accident? My most expensive car till now was 2018 911 GTS so i have no experience insuring Lamborghini. Can't stop looking at this picture. View attachment 307876
congratulations! look forward to hearing review from you. Try state farm. hard to benchmark as driving records, location and coverage can all result in different insurance cost. SF has been very reasonable at least for me on my F car. They however do not do agreed upon value which i think is what you are looking for. You need to go to companies like Haggerty for that.
Nothing to do with renters on this one. A driver ran a red light and hit the sto which was proceeding to make a left on green.
@aj07 congrats- really nice collection and garage! Enjoy and look forward to hearing your review.
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Thank you, Albert. We’re working on it…..the little micro collection is growing. With all due respect, the 458 has aged well and seen some heavy duty work on the track, It ain’t going anywhere.

I have at least one more to ponder after the F8S arrives and new garage space is completed.

Tecnica? SF90? AV replacement? 812 GTS? 765 Spider?

Suggestions for completing the stable?
Can you share your views on the difference in driving dynamics between 458 and STO or point me to the post where you may have shared it earlier?
Hi Michael, I just sent the video as a PM, Enjoy!
Hi can i please get the video. Ty.
Did not see the recent review by Motor Trend posted yet of STO/GT3/BS - STO is so darn impressive! Enjoy!

Not sure if folks have seen this video that was just posted a few hrs back. Im surprised to see more testing equipment on the STO and there are other STOs with camo. I would not have thought an update or refresh on the STO is expected. Even testing for a different variant doesnt resonate with me unless there is something other than a sterrato being released.

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I don't see any camouflage. I see cars with protective covering. The factory road tests every customer car....I don't think there's anything to see here.
Interesting! Thanks
Latest update I heard from my SA:

Exterior carbon: Very limited but not unavailable
Next is last month they will get slots for November delivery cars.

Likely no more after that.

Chances for me is extremely slim. But I’m happy being #2 car for Tecnica so it’s ok!
There was discussion in one of the other posts that STO production will run into 2023. the debate was whether early 2023 or go later into the year. I'm really really hoping it goes into later 2023 otherwise, I'm not getting an allocation.

when did you place your deposit / order?

two dealers both told me STO the final allocations will be given in May for November completion and that’s it. Seems like a super short run. I hope they’re wrong as I’m also number 1 on the waitlist for an allocation and my dealer don’t have any extra allocations at the moment.

if I were you I’d place a Tecnica deposit just in case.
About 2 months back. They were already sold out for the Tecnica allocations (have 30 ppl on the waitlist!) no chance on that...late to the party unfortunately.
A Vlogger “supercar garage” posted a few days back that he got this allocation in April. LofNB got 4 allocations in April! Happy for him and others that have been able to receive allocations!
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