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Huracán STO

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So a few weeks ago my dealer told me about the Huracán Super Trofeo Omologato possibly being unveiled in August next year which should be the most hardcore street legal Huracan yet. It should get tech from the new Evo, be extremely light and also have 5 point harness racing seats. Also it will most likely be number-limited.

Does anyone on here have more information on this?
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From what I heard the STO could be the last NA V10 Lambo. Audi will most likely ditch the V10 for the R8 replacement so all the R&D will fall on Lambo to keep the V10 emission complaint and Lambo doesn't have a budget big enough to do this. Also, countries like China are banning large displacement engines so there's no way VAG will keep the Huracan a V10 and risk the car not been allowed for sale which is why they'll probably go with a hybrid assist V8.
I don't think it will be the last V10. The Evo Performante (or Huracan Superleggera) is still around the corner in 1-2 years as well as a Spyder version of that.

But for the Huracan successor (code-named LB634) there is indeed a big possibility that they might ditch the V10 unfortunately..
Looks insane, the front bumper reminds me of the Evo RWD. Really excited for the full unveil tomorrow!
Styling-wise they really went all out for this one! I love the new rear design as it's as wide as it gets! Completely opening up the top right & top left rear air intakes is also another beautiful design feature as well as being able to completely lift up the front panel! The interior looks amazing as well, love the new middle tier carbon seats introduced in the EVO mixed with all the carbon skin and 6-point harness + rollbar. The 3 new drive modes are also pretty neat!

Although it still has the same 640hp engine as the Performante (which is the highest on a RWD Huracan yet) it's 3.0 seconds 0-100km/h and 9.0 0-200km/h is still slower than the Performante (which isn't a surprise since it's RWD). It also weighs only 43kg less than a Performante which is a bit less than I expected for a super light weight version. The new purely track focused elements as well as aero, race brakes etc. are truly stunning but I'm having a hard time viewing this as a "successor" of the Performante but rather a different breed focusing on RWD track obliteration. I think both cars are too unique to be compared to each other.

From what I've heard there will be around 1200 units produced which doesn't make it any more special than Performante Coupés (around 1800-1900 Coupe + Spyder Performante were produced in total according to what is rumored).

Does anyone know if it's louder than a Performante/EVO? Is pricing + options confirmed yet? Do you think this could beat the Performante's record on the Nürburgring or even the new Black Series record?
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I wonder if it will break the track record currently held by the SVJ?
The AMG GT Black Series broke it a few days ago by 1 mere second. I'm also curious to see how the STO performs around the ring!
Do we think this will come as a spyder version later? Or will this be the final version for the huracan? And then a facelift and new “performante” what do you guys think?
I don't think it would make sense for a STO Spyder version since it's purely raw and track focused. There will most likely be another facelift of the Performante with the ALA system as well as all the new features introduced in the EVO. But don't expect it until 2022/2023 for the Coupes and 2023/2024 for the Spyder. It will be the truly last version of the Huracan before it's replacement due in 2024/2025. Maybe it will be called the Superleggera similiar to the Gallardo or EVO Performante perhaps?
So I thought about this recently - Since there probably won't be an STO Spyder version do you think an STO Roadster instead would make sense? There hasn't been a V10 Roadster with manual removable roof pieces like the Aventadors yet and a Roadster version with a flying roofscoop (like the old Zonda Roadsters) would be incredibly cool to see! (and save some weight & looks over the spyder mechanism as well)
How good would of it been if the STO had the new front and rear lights just to make it completely diffrent to the other Huracan models. It would of been worth updating my HP
I guess they'll save that for the Huracan successor as it's unlikely to change it's distinct style mid-production cycle of the model. But I agree that this would be worth updating from the HP!
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A 12-Cylinder hybrid with a DCT sounds interesting. Limited production? Will they likely produce several models as with current Aventador?
It'll probably follow the aventador course with base model, SV, SVJ and lots of small special editions in between over the production cycle of around 10 years. It will be interesting to see how Lamborghini manages to deal with the additional weight of the hybrid system or if they can actually reduce it to be around equal to the Aventador's weight.
Nope, most likely a new aero kit for the EVO and the Performante spyder was the Superleggera model but Lambo couldn't use the "Superleggera" name due to some copyright issues.
Can you elaborate on that copyright part?
If not a re-showcase of the new Countach LPI-800 (very unlikely but possibly a Countach Roadster?) then it could be the new Urus Sport facelift which has been spotted for quite a while now. Too early for anything else, especially another V10 iteration.
Really well edited cinematic video of an orange STO:

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