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Abrasive blasting and engines are not good mix. For excample with cam covers you risk with seal surface and risk blasting material getting in engine, with restorations loosing casting surface is always bad thing, since you can not get it back, so least I avoid blsting as much as I can.

Instead I use chemical way;
Parts here are from Testarossa, but since Ferrari and Lamborghini used same subcontractor or at least same paint, it works with both cars.
Paintwork itself got issues with newly casted parts and even newer parts will suffer same paint peelig over time. Sometimes you can see light dust under wrinkle coat, that is why paint peels off.

  • Find yourself some sort of vessel, here I have old polypropen 200l barrel with simple board as and cap, but what ever holds agains paint thinner works.
  • fill parts in and you can use rag like in pictures over parts to keep fumes over parts.
  • Pour in paint thinner, seal barrel, wait for couple of days or week.
  • Brush paint off with nylon brush.

And there you go! paint off without much of work and low risk of damage.

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One week after:
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Oil can after couple of days in barrel:
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And here are parts now.
Oil can got aluminium welding on it so paint stcks better where welding leaves oxidations and if worker have done some mechanical marks, but from cast parts paint will almost walk away itself.
I will give them light brushing before paint.
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Thanks for the write up! Fyi, I use this product(purchased at Home Depot)… works great. I let the stuff sit overnight, then scrubbing with an old tooth brush with warm water and soap, gets everything spotless.
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