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There is a post from not too long ago about this where someone suggested a procedure of power cycles with the key. Here is the quote from that post with the procedure:
Can't clear this one with a reader, however after months of before-bed Googling (didn't want to shell out 5hr min shop time charge @ $250/hr for only abl reset) I found a post on some random website (don't recall) and the reset is key-to-on position (not engine start) 3 times (wait til abl blinks on-then-off before each power cycle) - the airbag light will remain off permanently until triggered again (key-to-on position triggers abl to blink once for a longish duration, then it turns off, and if triggered will reappear). The post stated that the car be turned off before the abl comes back on each power cycle, and that the engine be started on a fourth per cycle to finish the reset, however I was skeptical of this and verified it by accident/pure luck while power cycling my car several times to get my bluetooth functioning on my phone with the car (installed a sound system that's been a pima). Anyways I noticed that after (by chance) 3 power cycles and an engine start, the abl shut off. I thought it would come back on at some point but never did, and coincidentally I recalled the random post and made note that I'd followed it to a T (by accident) and have been living cel and abl free for a couple months now (I had the dreaded p0437/p0427/p1426 code combo for the longest time/I finally worked up courage to mess with the thermocoupler system). Aaanyways, no dealership needed
This method is still NOT verified, so perhaps you can try it and verify whether it works or not.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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