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Hi Henrus,

The coming home function is basically like the automated garage/gate openers you can buy.

In this case its integrated into the gallardo.

You can use three independant devices with this system i.e. garage, gates, garage at your other house.

The GPS sat nav system has just come out in the UK (been out in Europe for a few months now). I have it in my car.

Its a very good system (especially for an OEM system), with:

1) DVD based Navi
2) TV
3) MP3 via CD or 2 SD card slots
4) CD changer

You can as OrangeJuice suggests put a third party system in and it would probably be cheaper.

But I prefer the OEM system for the following reasons:

1) Integrates perfectly with the interior (I prefer the OEM look).

2) Integrates with the systems on the car.

For example Navi info:

- Road your on
- Direction of travel
- and if you have a destination programmed it also shows distance to next turn, distance/estimated time to destination, instructions to turn now ect

is shown in the OBC display between the speedo and rev meter.

I find this really usefull and safer because you dont have to look at the dash all the time or worry if you miss a voice announcement.

3) You dont have to worry as much about someone popping your window to steal it.

The cons are:

1) A third party system will be cheaper
2) Easier to wire, since you wont be integrating the car systems

If you want the OEM system you could probably order it from Europe (and get the CD from Audi, since its the same system as the one in the A8). But you'd have to get it fitted by Lamborghini as it would involve messing with more then just the Audio wiring.
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