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We wanted to thank Dreamcar-Workshop for purchasing our Gallardo Kevlar clutch for their customer. Previously, another customer of theirs bought a Murcielago Kevlar clutch from our competitor. The customer was very unhappy with the take off and the way it would shift. They hated our competitor's Kevlar clutch so much that he is not driving his Murcielago as much.

I told them that all of our Lamborghini Kevlar clutches are a lot smoother and the shifting is perfect. It even shifts quicker at 7-8k rpm. I told them that we don't use cheap Kevlar material like our competitor. We use a very high quality Kevlar material that is used in the aerospace industry. Our competitor doesn't even modify the pressure plate.

After talking to a few of our customers, they decided to go with our Gallardo Kevlar clutch. This was for a 2008 Gallardo Spyder with E-Gear system.

Dreamcar-Workshop was very concerned about the smoothness of the clutch. He said that his customer is super picky and wants a very smooth clutch. I told him not to worry because we make all of our clutches the same way and they are all smooth.

After installing our Gallardo Kevlar clutch and adjusting the PIS for just a little bit, they drove the car around for a few miles. He could not believe how great it drives. He was so happy that he called me right away from Panama to tell me how much he loves our Kevlar clutch. He was amazed how great it drives. I asked him what does your customer think. He said he'll pick it up tomorrow.

Next day, I get a call again that his customer drove the car and the car has never felt this great. Mind you that this is a 2008 Gallardo which has a lot of refinements already. The customer told him that his Gallardo has never driven this great. The car feels like a new car. He couldn't believe that a clutch can make a car feel so great.

Dreamcar-Workshop has experienced both Kevlar clutches and they have told us that they will buy our Kevlar clutch whenever they need a clutch.

Dreamcar-Workshop is located in Panama but they have a mobile service that can service the whole South America. They have customers in many South American countries. You can contact Guillermo if you need any service in South America.

You can also read our customer's feedbacks here:

You can read more about our Kevlar clutches here:

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Great job!
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