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It was probably the look of sports cars as to why I was drawn to them as a little kid. There was no other influence around me growing up till I got to high school. But what got me looking at Lamborghinis was the sweet looking and opening of the scissor doors on the Diablo. Where did I see such a Car? In my favorite movie Dumb and Dumber. Guess the backdrop of the snowy mountains added to the beauty. Later I found out the name of the car which is also badass, Diablo.

I almost got around to getting a diablo at about 2009, but at that time I just finished college and started my full time job/career. Didn't have that much funds at the time, especially for any repairs since it was a salvage title. It was a salvage title black with red interior on ebay that got my heart beating and palms sweaty placing a bid since the price was within reach. I had to just let that go because it was not a good financial decisions at the time. However, judging by the price diablos are going for in 2020, even with the salvage title, I may have come out on top through appreciation. That is if it didnt give me brain splitting repairs but I will never know now. Plus it would have been my daily driver with all the daily driver things that come with it.

Now it is 11 years later married with kids. In just the last couple of years, my investments in stocks have been working for me (good enough for now), my real estate investment is a work in progress to get positive cash flow soon, wife is onboard with my investments, and I am/will be in a comfortable position to buy a used lamborghini. The only reason I am holding off on getting a lamborghini at the moment is I will be using it often and driver with more than one kid wont fit. Also, the prices of stocks March/April 2020 are a bargain for most and most likely real estate will follow in the reduced prices. I hate to say no to money that is guaranteed to work for me and will cover my future bills for little to no work.

Because of this whole pandemic and my late work schedule, I haven't been able to drive my daily driver intermediate dream car, a GT-R. It has left a hole in me that made me look for that dream car, the lamborghini. Also I wanted to enjoy the car for many years and get it now vice that last couple years of my life and who really knows if I am going to check out soon or not. On to the search. Of course due to Diablo prices, wont be getting that model anytime soon. The searches first started with the early gallardos which was more in my price range, then prices went higher when I was looking for gallardo LP560-4, then the scissor doors made me look at a murcielago. I am sure it is me, but I am just not too wild of the murcielago looks. Especially when compared to the diablo and aventador which are both out of my price range at the moment. The flagship lamborghini cars are scaring me when I think about maintenance items.

In the mean time unless I get a killer deal on a murci or aventador or my investments blow up, lamborghini dreams will wait. I will take advantage of discount stocks and keep my eyes open for discounted real estate. But I will get that lamborghini and can't wait till I can say I have my dream of being a lamborghini owner.

Side note: Sorry for the long post and yes I joined a while ago to get car information but now the dreams are getting even closer and more feasible so I will be on here more.
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