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I know this is not specifically a lambo question but this community is basically the only help i can get right now. I have a drivers test coming up September 6.

So let I tell you what specifically is my problem in parallel parking. First of all I am driving a stick shift, I dont have any problem with that though.

In my country we drive on the left side of the road. Imagine parallel parking on the left hand side of the road with a right hand steer vehicle. So that means I am parallel parking on the blind side.

The car I have available for the test, it's side mirrors cant be adjusted down so I can't see the curb. So my big problem is after backing up and angling into the parking space, I dont know how far to actually back into the space before starting to turn the steering wheel the opposite direction. Does anyone have any tip or reference point I could use for that?

Let I say I don't have any problem parking on the other side cause i basically could just look out the window and see how close I really am to the curb :) but the blind side pose a problem for me. :(
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