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Help - Can't find EU Homologation plate on SVJ

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Hey folks! Trying to register my newly imported SVJ in Spain but can't seem to find the EU Homologation plaque (it's a small credit card size card/plate). Apparently it's meant to be somewhere in the engine bay but I've looked everywhere. The car was imported from Germany, so is a European car.

Anyone here know where to find it?

I know the VIN is in the window and the chassis number is under the carpet. Found those. The door shuts don't have it. The car's technical docs point to a place in the engine bay, near the top right if you're standing behind the car and looking at the engine bay. Almost where the fuse box it but I looked inside that too, nothing there.

Called a couple of dealers on Friday, but none of the engineers available knew. Will try again on Monday.

In the meantime wondered if anyone here with an SVJ in the EU knows where to find it?

Many thanks!