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b like mike,
The E-Gear Murcielago stickers at about 293k. As for the 210 price, someone fell asleep at the wheel and gave you the wrong pricing information. There are very, very few E-Gear Murcie's available on the market right now. I have had dealers calling me for the past two days looking for one. The ones that I have are in my clients hands waiting to trade on something new:)
If you have any questions, I would be as happy to answer them for you as anyone here so let us know. That is the primary idea behind this community. I am sure that you will get some advice on the wheels. Probably not the best idea to change them out but if you do, make sure whoever does it knows exactly what they are doing. The viscous traction system is very tempermental in regards to sizing of wheels and tires. Other thing of note, if you order a car it will most likely come in as an '05 which will have the bigger 8 piston brakes like the Gallardo with bigger rotors. Big improvement over the old ones, also different stock wheels to accomodate the bigger binders.
I will not comment on Prestige if you were planning on asking. My relationship with them has never been bad but I also don't buy cars from them. People on this board have bought from many different dealers and can give you excellent advice on who to purchase from based on where you live. One caveat, if you live in Miami I am afraid that you might be in a little bit of a bind as Prestige is your local dealer and you want to make sure you get off on an ok foot with the guy who will be servicing your new car. Just my 2 cents.

1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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