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Hello from Miami

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Hi everyone,

I'm a designer and automotive graphics installer from Miami, fl that loves these monsters and gets to work on them year round. I also have a passion for wolfdogs and wolves, currently owning 3 wolfdogs and a GSD. Hopefully in the next 5 years I will make it to the point where I can join the lamborghini family. Hope to meet some cool friends and see some nice cars during my stay on this board.

Here are a few shots of what I do for a living:

My latest project completed last week:

A few past projects:

And a my other hobby and passion, wolfdogs:

My trio (pyro, harley, siren)

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Nice work! What is the cost of wrapping a Gallardo coupe in that gold film?
Very nice! Wish you were located in Honolulu.
Hello! As a Floridian, let me start by saying Welcome!!! I love seeing custom wrap jobs (especially gold :D) done on cars like these. I really want to get my B6 A4 wrapped in a really bright matte white so I can black out all the trim/tints/rims/grills and go for that "Storm Trooper" look ;) what does a "good" wrap cost these days??
Welcome gentlemen. Your work looks release the "HOUNDS"!! Great picture...LOL
Thanks everyone for the nice welcoming and comments!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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