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Hello and some comments...

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Hello all,
I am a near future Lambo owner, (?) being 48 now, a long life dream seems possible due to my wife's approval of a Countach purchase on my 50th birthday.

As "training" I decided to purchase an older Lotus Esprit, that I think approaches the general layout and size of the

I have done a lot of common things to see if I could live with a car like the Countach, I learned lots of basic maintenance skills and I ruined a lot in my Esprit, on my way to learn how to live with a Countach.

If possible, I would like to discuss some of those experiences and learn from Lamborghini owners, about the good and the bad.

I noticed, since I started driving the Esprit, that people react to the presence of the car. Some reactions are good, some are funny, and many times I detect agression.

Am I going paranoid? Big trucks tend to tailgate a lot, they
drive very aggresively to show me something? I have been
chased by people who follow everything I do.

How do you guys deal with this?

I have a lot to learn...
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People react in all sorts of weird ways. I've not noticed any anger towards my Countach, except for one incidence of a bunch of rowdy "townies" shouting at me, but 99% is very enthusiastic response, people photographing and videoing the car. Kids especially love it.

Best to just ignore any idiots and just enjoy the car for what it is, accepting that some folks will get mad at anyone that outdoes them. :D
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