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Hello and some comments...

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Hello all,
I am a near future Lambo owner, (?) being 48 now, a long life dream seems possible due to my wife's approval of a Countach purchase on my 50th birthday.

As "training" I decided to purchase an older Lotus Esprit, that I think approaches the general layout and size of the

I have done a lot of common things to see if I could live with a car like the Countach, I learned lots of basic maintenance skills and I ruined a lot in my Esprit, on my way to learn how to live with a Countach.

If possible, I would like to discuss some of those experiences and learn from Lamborghini owners, about the good and the bad.

I noticed, since I started driving the Esprit, that people react to the presence of the car. Some reactions are good, some are funny, and many times I detect agression.

Am I going paranoid? Big trucks tend to tailgate a lot, they
drive very aggresively to show me something? I have been
chased by people who follow everything I do.

How do you guys deal with this?

I have a lot to learn...
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I have both an Esprit S2 and a Countach. At 6'2" and lets' just say mid-200s, trust me, if I can fit in a CT, you'll have room to spare. I didn't think I would ever fit in one, and in fact the first one I ever tried, I couldn't fit because I didn't know how to adjust the steering wheel - it tilts and telescopes. The seller couldn't figure it out either, so I just crossed the CT off my list. Bummer too, because he was looking to unload the car and I could have bought it really cheap. But when I was out at Bobileff's in San Diego, Gary showed me how to adjust it and I was able to fit - just barely - so I bought it. I wouldn't want to drive it cross country, but around town it's fine.

What really surprised me when I got the Esprit, is that it is actually bigger than the CT, except in width. I always thought Esprits were tiny. With all the scoops and flares, the CT looks larger than it is.

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