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Hi all,
I have a strange problem that I'm hoping someone here can shed some light on. I drove my LP550-2 to a car meet a few nights ago, then upon leaving, the lights did not turn on. And, the dash lights didn't come on either. It was like the switch was broken. I attempted multiple times for about 30 minutes and nothing. The high beams would come on when holding back the lever so I know it wasn't the headlights themselves. I drove the car with no headlights to a secure house garage to pick it up the next day. I picked it up and while driving home tried again. Now they work. Just trying to figure out what's happening so I don't get stranded at night again.

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As memory serves in the back of my mind, there is a video out there of a guy with the same problem. It turns out it’s the light switch on the center tunnel panel. The switch overtime fails to make the connector, if I recall it is the cheap copper connector that deforms and no longer makes full connection. The reason I mention that video is I watched it and he removed the switch and replaced the switch and everything was good again. I had this same switch problem happen in two of my Volkswagen‘s a number of years ago and took the switches apart and re- worked them from the inside. (This was when I had not enough money to buy a new switch!). My beater Acura MDX has the same exact problem on one of the switches on the steering wheel but it’s a beater and I no longer bother to fix it anymore. It’s happened three times in 170,000 miles. Your symptoms prompt me to think of the switch being the problem. Good luck and report back.
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