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I bought a repariable 2017 Huracan as a fun project for my Dad and I to work on during COVID... All's repaired but i've run into a strange problem that I haven't been able to figure out.

I installed a new passenger headlight and am struggling with getting it coded into the car.

Here's what I could use your help with:

1- when you turn on the car, do the headlights do a "dance" or any kind of adjustment?
2- when you turn on the headlights, do both headlight lens light up?
3- When you turn on the bright lights, do both lens light and do they move
4- when you're turning do the lens adjust?
5- finally, do the headlights adjust with speed to cover a different amount of road?

Current state - when i turn on the headlights, both lights in each headlamp are on. My bright light switch doesn't change them at all. I know the switch works as I've monitored it with a computer on the car.

Thanks for the insight - I miss the days when you just plugged the new headlight in ...
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