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Has Lambo given up on straightline speed?

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Before you post...

Yes, I understand that cars are more than just straight line speed.

Anyway, the Huracan EVO AWD is the fastest 1/4 mile production car Lambo has ever produced and yet it's also the slowest supercar from any of the big brands.

All these cars easily gap the EVO, some by multiple car lengths.
  • Ferrari F8 Tributo/488 Pista/SF90
  • McLaren 720S/765LT
  • Porsche 911 Turbo S (992)
  • Tesla Model S Plaid (simply added due to current zeitgeist)
  • (I'm not going to list hyper cars, for obvious reasons)
And again, before you say "But muh engine!" or "But muh interior!" or "But muh looks!" Yes, sure, as said before the H and A offer other things their competitors don't, which subjectively, make their owners happy. That's absolutely true, but objectively, on this specific issue Lambo is getting left behind big time by their competition. And straight line speed is definitely a key metric to supercars.

So the question is -- are they going to address this with their hybrid future? Or just focus on other factors?
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If you like close-to-naturally-aspirated behavior but love the dog-cringing turbo whistle, get custom cams that massively favor the bottom end of the RPM range, that would make the car peak at around 4000RPM naturally aspirated, (but still with events suiting a turbo) then add turbos to it, which will be rapidly energized at ultra-low revs (für ein turbomotor) then carry the top end FAR FAR past what a naturally-aspirated V12 could do.

This will give you all the power you could ever toke, and no surprise ass-first-into-ditch surprise of the top-spec Ferrari F40 Stradale edition, for example.

What ruins the turbo experience is lack of intelligent engineering. No one needs 200 hp at 5000RPm then 700 at 5,001, but too many turbos don't run power-band-widening "diesel truck"-flavored cams to spread the power out far, by producing plenty of cylinder filling and exhaust gas energy to spin those little windmills up at lower RPM, so it is press gas, wait, wait, wait, then call tow truck.

Now, if you get some kind of weird kick from feeling like a giant kicked punted your car over some far-off goalpasts at 6000 RPM, and are pointed in a straight line far from the sane people, then go for it, but giant compressor wheels and cam it like an F1 car, but be ready to treat your car at all times like you are riding with a knife-wielding crazy ex-gf who loves to smooch like a gourami but can also surprise you by cutting you at any moment.

But, to each his own; I used to sell turbo cars by getting them just moving, throwing them in 3rd gear and stomping on it, and waaaaiting for the turbo rush to REALLY demonstrate the power and fling us forward.

If your performance shop doesn't touch the cam when installing a turbo, install a different shop.
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Turbo much power.
Big turbo much power sudden.
Small turbo much power less sudden.
Turbo high RPM cam surprise much power.
Turbo low-RPM cam much power much torque.
Same same low-RPM cam centrifugal blower.
ah ok got it now(y)
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