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Has Lambo given up on straightline speed?

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Before you post...

Yes, I understand that cars are more than just straight line speed.

Anyway, the Huracan EVO AWD is the fastest 1/4 mile production car Lambo has ever produced and yet it's also the slowest supercar from any of the big brands.

All these cars easily gap the EVO, some by multiple car lengths.
  • Ferrari F8 Tributo/488 Pista/SF90
  • McLaren 720S/765LT
  • Porsche 911 Turbo S (992)
  • Tesla Model S Plaid (simply added due to current zeitgeist)
  • (I'm not going to list hyper cars, for obvious reasons)
And again, before you say "But muh engine!" or "But muh interior!" or "But muh looks!" Yes, sure, as said before the H and A offer other things their competitors don't, which subjectively, make their owners happy. That's absolutely true, but objectively, on this specific issue Lambo is getting left behind big time by their competition. And straight line speed is definitely a key metric to supercars.

So the question is -- are they going to address this with their hybrid future? Or just focus on other factors?
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You can mod an old piece of junk for a fraction of the cost of a supercar and it'll beat most supercar 0-60 and quarter mile times with ease.

I don't get the feeling that straightline speed is near the top of most Lamborghini owner wishlists, and the company knows this which is why it clearly isn't their primary focus.
This is on point. You can get a twin turbo kit for a Mustang for less than $10kUSD and make a very quick car. It will make lots of racket and go very fast and it will look like a million other Mustangs on the road.
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