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Happy B-Day Manahan Z

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Happy BDay ...hope it has been a good one!!!

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Happy B-day John. More than once, your very informative saved me from a trip to my dealer.
Thanks Guys, to celebrate I'm off on a trip from San Francisco to Las Vegas in my 6L. Actually we are going to try driving on to the Grand Canyon weather permitting. Probably the last long trip of the year before the rains start around here. The wife will drive the C5 vette, both yellow! Ben we may overlap I will try looking you up.

Thanks again for the well wishes. Keep up the good work.
Happy birthday! Enjoy the trip! I'm sure that'll be a great trip with the 6.0. You should try the backroads in oregon sometime, hehe, now that's a fun drive.
We had dinner with John and his lovely wife in SF over the weekend.

Very nice people and a true enthusiast! It was an absolute pleasure meeting him!

Happy B-day!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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