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Edit: To make sure this part is perfectly recreated, the job will be done by Hill Engineering in the UK. They have the best reputation when it comes to remanufacturing parts for exotics.

Including my order, we currently have 3 murci owners on board.

Hello all,

Recently, the pulley tensioner in our 2003 Murcielago started chirping as it was failing. Funnily enough, you can hear this same bearing failing in the driving video of this Murcielago that sold on BAT recently - 8,900-Mile 2004 Lamborghini Murcielago 6-Speed

Thankfully, we got it to the shop before it locked up as if you are driving and it locks up, the belt will snap and it often takes out wiring and damages other components in the engine bay as it flails around. You will obviously lose all power and be forced to tow the car.

I tried ordering a replacement pulley tensioner (PN 07M109564) but it was $12,000 which is absolutely insane. The part is essentially a metal housing with a bearing inside. The bearing inside is not a typical bearing so I expected it to be expensive, but $12,000 is just absurd.

Right now, I am in contact with Hill Engineering on having the part replicated.

If you are interested in ordering one, please reply here and/or PM me and we can get a group order going! I highly recommend ordering one to keep in your back pocket as PN 07M109564 was $3,600 a few months ago. Now it is $12,000. I can’t imagine how much it will be in a couple of years or if they’ll even be available.

As of now, pricing is up in the air. The first one produced will be mine and it will be several thousand dollars. Of course, the first one includes all the labor for research and testing so the rest should be cheaper, however, I cannot say for sure right now. For certain, it will be a fraction of the normal price of $12,000.

If you have any questions, do let me know!

Some quick notes:

  • There is a pulley tensioner on eBay for sale labeled PN 07M109564 for cheap, however, if you look at the photos it is actually PN 07M109564A, which is for an Aventador.

  • The pulley tensioner that came from the factory in all PreLP Murcielagos is PN 0012014994. This part was recalled and replaced with PN 07M109564. All PreLP Murcielagos on the road now almost certainly have the new version. The newly manufactured part will be a duplicate of PN 07M109564, so no worries.

  • I ordered a remanufactured version of PN 07M109564 from Eurospares but they shipped out the old version of this part despite labeling it as the new version (i.e PN 0012014994). This will obviously not work. The housing in the old design is plastic and is the exact same width as the belt that rests on it, not allowing the belt to walk from side to side at all, leading to additional wear and premature failure, hence why it was recalled.