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Been having fun in my G-car...and went to a place with a bit of a hill to the parking lot...fine going up but on my way down bottomed out and made that scrunched up face wondering how much damage I did... :eek:

As many of the G-car owners probably already know...can't see under the car w/o lifting it...and since I had to bring my car in for some minor a/c problem (which was rectified pretty quickly) went to the service bay while my car was up on the lift and took a quick look under the car

Underneath, there is an approximate 1 inch steel (or some other metal) plate approximately 4 inches back from the front of the car and another one about 12 inches from the back of the car. On this occasion the front plate took all the impact so nothing was actually messed up so don't sweat it too much when you hear that crunching sound :)
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I know the lift system is new for 2005 M.Y.
As far as retro-fit for the 2004's that's a good question right now. :rolleyes:
Just for the hell of it, I measured the front clearance of a 1997 Viper coupe and a 2004 Gallardo. The Dodge was approx. 9/10 ths of an inch LOWER to the ground than the G car. That's a lot when you are talking ground clearance, wouldn't you say ?

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