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Hi everyone. My LP560-4 Spyder is my first "manual" car, my previous cars are (still my current daily drivers) a 97 Boxster tiptronic, and 07 Quattroporte Sport GT automatica.

I have some questions please:

1. The side mirrors don't automatically retract when parked, do they?

2. How many toolkits in bags should the car come with? I have only one, but it seems that there is a shape cutout for another in the front trunk....

3. How many keys should there be? I got two keys but the manual suggests there should be a third airbag deactivation key?

4. Can the car be put into N when cruising to a stop approaching a traffic light while it's still in, let's say, 2nd or 3rd gear? Or must I wait til it's stopped at the light in 1st gear before switching to N? I have never driven a car with a clutch before. My previous cars are always torque convertor automatics.

5. I noticed on two occasions the car seemed to have jumped into N by itself while I was waiting at the traffic light. I pulled the + lever but it took a good 2 seconds before it engaged 1st... is this normal behaviour? It doesn't do that all the time. It's mostly "well behaved" and stays in 1st unless I pull both levers.

6. Does the passenger side mirror automatically dip when in reverse? Is there any "kit" that can be installed to do that?

7. The handbook says it's good practice to keep my foot on the accelerator pedal while changing gear. But I read on forums that by releasing a bit, the shift is smoother?

8. Regardless of the perceived smoothness, which way preserves the clutch for longer?

9. The handbook says there is a "secret code" on tag... I received no tag... is there anywhere to look for this "secret code"?

10. I don't see a spare tyre anywhere... does this mean the car uses run-flat tyres? Or should I keep a can of silicon tyre inflator ready?

11. My other cars have a sticky list of "option codes" on the body of the car under the bonnet usually, I didn't notice it on the LP. Is there sticker list somewhere?

Thanks in advance! Looking forward to the community experience.
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