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Gearbox Malfunctions at 10k miles - Performance Restricted / Reverse Gear Unavailable - GENERAL RAGE THREAD.

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New to the forum, struggling to find information on the internet about the issues I'm having so dropping a thread should anyone encounter it in the future and to document the absolute circus ownership has become.

I bought a 2016 Huracan Spyder LP610-4 from HR Owen in the UK with 4500 miles on the clock. The collection date was 23/12/2020 - nice Christmas present maybe? Pain in the arse more like. Sure it's not a new car and they're not making a great deal of money out of me but its certainly a stepping stone into the brand and hopefully they'd like to retain me as a customer, right?

23/12/2020 Collection from HR Owen South Kensington.

24/12/2020 1st Fault Limp Mode, Christmas Eve - 2nd day of ownership

Car entered limp mode on Christmas eve at 9pm. Start-stop system fault, system not ready.

All gears work, just couldn't go past 4000 RPM. Every time I turned the car on, Engine management system: fault please contact workshop

According to an ODB reader, the start/stop lamp malfunctioned. Cleared the error with an ODB reader and restarted the car and it works fine. The issue never returned.

Did not send the car to the workshop.

12/01/2021 Returned car to service for interior issues and cosmetic touch-ups

The car went back to the service centre for 3 days to fix some paint chips on the vehicle which were visible when the car was sold to me, and some other small interior issues. Interior issues were resolved but the touch-up paint was washed off during valeting and the car was returned to me with the paint chips in place.

Was given a diesel Audi S4 for a courtesy car

10/02/2020 2nd Fault, Front-Lift system stopped working

Front-lift stopped working whilst driving the vehicle, wouldn't raise up. Car was collected 5 days later on a Monday and I had to physically collect it 5 days later to have it for the weekend or they wouldn't return it till the following Monday.

Service suggested I buy a trickle charger to stop it happening again. Not sure why it would happen while the car is in motion, surely the alternator would cater to that?

Anyway, took them 5 days to tell me its due to a flat battery. I feel like they're hiding something.

Paint chips were fixed during this visit.

The issue hasn't returned.

28/02/2021 3rd Fault, Gearbox malfunction, no reverse gear available, even-numbered gears unavailable

The start of my gearbox trouble. After putting 5k miles on the car in just over 2~ months and hitting the 10k miles mark, whilst hooning it through country lanes I got a gearbox malfunction and a big drop in power.


An error message came up, No reverse gear / Reverse gear unavailable. The car wouldn't shift into even-numbered gears (R, 2, 4, 6)
Turning the car off and on fixed the issue temporarily.

I notified my sales contact of the issues and wasn't told to not drive it, did reiterate how dangerous it was with the car suddenly slowing down with no brake lights illuminated and needed to get it seen to. Didn't feel there was any urgency to get my car seen-to compared to previous issues I had, for example when my lift stopped working.

Later that day I got another gearbox malfunction with the error Performance restricted and wouldn't shift into odd-numbered gears (1, 3, 5, 7). Restarted car, alerted the service centre.

A week later I got another gearbox malfunction with the error Performance restricted and again wouldn't shift into odd-numbered gears (1, 3, 5, 7). Restarted car, alerted the service centre. Still wouldn't arrange for collection and told me to phone Lamborghini Assistance.

I rang Lamborghini assistance, but couldn't arrange collection because my car was showing without warranty. This isn't the case, my car has a 12-month warranty minimum from the date of purchase. Later turns out to be an internal process that wasn't followed. Given two months free warranty as a result so my 12 month period didn't start until March 2021.

Service opened the gearbox plate and as expected, found bits of metal inside. First had to confirm that it is a warranty repair and suggested it may have been a user error that caused this. I said this is outrageous, how can I break an automatic gearbox. I've not tracked the car and drive it nowhere near as hard as my previous Porsche 992 Carrera 4S - which I had 0 faults on in the 6 months that I had it.

HR Owen has to apparently confirm with the factory as to what the warranty repairs are, whether it's replacing the entire gearbox or just the gears, if at all.

Was given a BWM 430d as a courtesy car. Swapped 1 week later for a 5.0 V8 F-Type.

Car returned to me on 30th March 2021. Had to drop the courtesy off and collect huracan. Didn't mind as it was gloriously sunny outside.

Glad to be back in the car.

Here is what was found in my gearbox:

No photo description available.
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