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Gas Struts on Roadster engine bay hatch; hard to replace?

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Looked it over quick and it does not seem strait forward, is there a trick? Was hoping for bolt on as it looks like you can get the struts pretty cheaply and would love to do this repair myself and save the lambo tax. Anyone done before and willing to give the tips and tricks?
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So am going to answer my own post. These are easy to replace and no need to go to a dealer. There is a small clip on each end of the ball that you just wedge up slightly and the old ones pull off; new ones just snapped into place. Me and the wife (she had to hold the lid up) did this is 15 minutes. Wish all repairs were this easy. Now I can show off that carbon engine bay and x brace at the next car show. You can YouTube as well as all cars gas struts go on in a similar fashion.
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