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Gas smell

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I can smell gas from inside my LM! This dosen't seem normal to me, has anyone experienced this in a Lambo? I just want to narrow down what it is and were it could be coming from.
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Is you truck carburated?

If so, check the choke, make sure it is all the way off, take a look at the air cleaner element and of course all you fuel lines/connections to make sure they are tight.

On the lighter side, if it don't smell like gas, oil & leather, you must have a "New lambo"
Could the smell be from the beer, chicken wings and nachos you had for dinner :p

I would definately do a complete inspection of every fuel line & fitting from front to back, including taking the air cleaner off and check all lines, joints & unions on the carbs. If you find an old, hard cracked fuel hose resign yourself to replacing them all.

Regards, JRV
Thanks for the help JVR. I will check everthing out this week. I don't think my LM has a choke, it is carburated but I was not informed that it had a choke! If it does have a choke were would it be?
LM 002 Gas smell

Welcome to the club, I also have LM 002 1988 with gas odor. This is common to all LM remember the entire back seat is a gas tank. The smell is endemic to the pores in the welds. Solution is to encapsulate the tank. I have heard that some fiberglass the tank. It's not as bad when the tank is less full.

Does your LM have the flexible fuel line running inside next to the rocker like on the Espada. If so, do replace it with a solid line. This fix is on the old Lambo site under V12 tips -Espada gas smell.

did u solve this problem????

becouse my LM002 is coming out in a week i would like to adrres this issue before its out of the shop??????????? :kiss: :wave:
Look for the leak and use a lighter to see! :wave:
YellowMurci said:
Look for the leak and use a lighter to see! :wave:
that might hurt :eek: :D :D
I have talked to a few LM owners and I believe that it is normal for the LM to have the gas smell inside. If you leave the windows down when you park it for a while it's not as bad.
That must get nauscious(?) after awhile.

Maybe you guys can help me :eek: I have somewhat of a differn't smell from my honda..... when i roll down the windows while driving, it smells like ammonia. I am guessing its a dead mouse or something... anyone ever had this happen?

Thanks.. :wave:
I do nutritional research on a chicken farm, and the inside of my Honda smells like ammonia, too!!!!

Maybe the chicken poop encrusted boots in the back of the Honda have a little to do with it.... :p
I have a true story.
I work for a new car dealer. About once a year, we get customer or two that comes in with a bad smell and a noisey blower motor. When we take the evap. box apart we find a dead mouse in the "squirrel" cage. We are required to save the defective parts, so we bag up the mouse and show it to the customer. You should see some of the looks and responses. lol
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