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Very new to Lamborghini ownership, so have found Lamborghini-talk very useful so far, very happy that I have such a good source of information to help me along the way. Thought I would share something that may be of use. The towing eye was missing from the toolkit for my 2004 Gallardo was missing, so was trying to get a replacement. Might not be a problem in the US, but here in Europe every site I tried had no stock, just a 'Backorder' option with no estimate of any expected fulfillment date. Looking at part numbers I saw that the part number for the Murcielago towing eye was same for the Gallardo so searched for that instead, found one on eBay £45 and nearly went for that. However found this instead;

It was 10 euro with 5 euro for delivery (£13.29)

It arrived today, from Lithuania, it took five days. Fits perfectly and seems very well engineered.
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