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Gallardo Seats & Door Panels For Sale

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Seats and door panels from a 2005 G for sale. All have been custom covered with blue and white leather in a custom pattern with diamond stitch in the center like later model years. Seats are the lighter weight manual and power mix. Slide is manual, seat backs are power. Fully functional and very clean. Airbags are intact but I have no way to test their function. Leather around the driver airbag is pulled from under the airbag but is not torn, just pulled out. All wiring and plugs are intact in perfect condition. The door panels are also in nice condition. One mounting tab is broken on the driver panel (showed in place in the photos but it’s not connected) and one is missing. Lights are intact and functioning along with the alarm light on top. The passenger panel is missing all the mounting tabs and both lights, and shows wear from the door strike plate. Overall they are in great condition with just these few issues. Whoever installed the door panels used some alternative mounting methods/points instead of just fixing the mounting tabs and using existing points. Most are hidden but there are screw holes where there aren’t usually holes. If you want additional photos I can accommodate. Due to the broken mounting tabs on the door panels and the leather pulled from under the driver seat, I’m only asking $3900 for everything including packaging for freight shipping. Shipping (if required) at buyers expense. Located on the East coast of South FL.