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Have a couple Gallardo items for sale in various threads.

Rather than have them spread out, I'll make this one with what I have left.

All items are in New York City but can ship if needed.

May be able to meet in New Jersey also.

If interested in anything, just message me.


EDIT: What ever is posted is what's left.

Lamborghini Gallardo Tail Light 04-08 400945096D Passenger Right Side 400945096E
- Tail Light Housing.
-Just housing (no wiring)
-1 small tab is broken (Works perfectly fine and will not fall off once installed)
-Light is cosmetically in great condition.

Price: $200


Lamborghini Gallardo Center Console Armrest with Cup Tray & Lid cover
Part: 401863242
Price: $200

Lamborghini Gallardor Rear End Panel Bumper (No lamborghini script logo)
Part: 400864487 - 400853742A
Price: $150

Passenger right tail light heat shield with bracket complete
Part numbers: 400971170 - 400863778 - 400863778B - 408813392B
Price: $200

Lamborghini Gallardo, LH, Left Taillight Heat Shield Cover
Part: 400863777B
Price: $70

Lamborghini Gallardo RH Right LH Left Muffler Heat Shield
Parts: 07L251383 - 07L251384
Price: $400 for the pair

Gallardo Heat Shield Muffler Exhaust Protection Cover
Parts: 400251413
Price: $400

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