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So, I finally got my manual conversion finished. Well, almost. I’m finally able to start the car with the key which is a big plus. And... it shifts great!

The car is twin turbo’d and now running approx 1,630hp (motor built to handle 2k+ hp) along with many other mods (axles, custom gears, etc).

Here’s my BIG issue... The car is currently running in limp mode. I was told by others on here that I’ll need to reprogram the dash and I assume I’m going to have to tell the car it’s no longer an eGear, right?

I have access to a Leonardo Diagnostic tool. I hooked up the Bluetooth module and I’m able to connect to the ODB2 successfully.

I have zero experience with this tool. Can anyone here provide any assistance/advice on exactly what needs to be configured?

Also, my dash is showing a “brake wear” error even though the brakes are good. For some reason the speed sensor wires were cut about 1’ up and soldered together. This threw an error in my Syvecs S12 ECU. So, I put the wires back to the way they are supposed to be. This fixed the speed sensor error. Any idea why someone would’ve cut these wires?

I figured it would be better to ask before I messed something up - LOL!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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