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Gallardo - Control arms rebuild

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Hello guys,

Not everyone is probably checking out the "Vendor" section, so I have decided to share some of our work on Gallardo's here as well. Long story short. We are specialized in fabrication of steering parts (ball joints, bushings, uniballs, tie rods, control arms, etc.) and with increasing demand and inquiries about Lamborghinis we have decide to share our work here on Lambo talk forum. I hope you find it interesting and if anyone has any questions, you're welcome to contact us at [email protected].

Here are freshly rebuilt control arms, new ball joints - removable and non removable) and new bushings for this 2006 Gallardo. The control arms we have received had signs of previously attempted repairs, so the rear control arm outer bushings were shot and the housing of control arm bushing was slightly damaged. The control arm was repaired (alu welded on and then machined to tolerance) and new bushing was fabricated to fit in place.

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