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Gallardo Car Cover Set

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Is it any good or am i better of getting a third party cover?

The car doesn't fit in my garage (too wide), so until i can make some mods to the garage (frameless door) I would like to cover it.

With it parked as it is on the drive I get too many people coming by for a look. I expect it to draw attention, and people to look at it when its parked on the road. But people know it will be in my drive every night so they treat it like a showroom, and some even come into the garden.

I figure if its covered there will be nothing to see.
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I nevered opened the bag to see how it looks. Might have a big LOGO on it hehe. I do know it fits snug even the side mirrors so you'll only hide the color of your car but can always see the shape. But the material doesn't look like it will protect against rain. It is more of a dust cover. You can always park it in my garage temporary hehe.
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