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Oh, I recently had customer with the same issue. There is a camera module that controls this. A little brain box. That can go bad and then you have no camera. I have them in stock and 9 times out of 10 that's the issue. Also, if for some reason it doesn't fix your issue, I'll let you send it back, but I'm sure it will. Call/text me at 717-319-2100 and I'll show you some pics, etc.
I replaced mine already with a used unit a few years back, worked fine, and it went bad also (I think)
The control module that Im referring to is part 400907441C
This part from my research has been updated thru the years on the internals. You can tell when the part # is ending with a letter after. The prior model #'s are 400907441B, 400907441A

Jason, I might take you up on this offer and to see if this will resolve my problem!
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