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Gallardo 20" tires Problems.

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Hi all,

Since the last 10 years I have the following tire setup on my 2004 Gallardo:

Continental Sport Contact 235/30 zr20 (front)
Continental Sport Contact 305/25 zr20 (rear)

This year for the first time I was told on my yearly revision that the rear tires need to have a loadindex of at least 100Y.
They told me that this was a requirement from Lamborghini. I cannot seem to find tires of this exact dimension with a loadindex of 100Y.

I guess I am not the only one having this problem? Would be great if you could share your experience with me!! :)

all the best from sunny Spain,
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Pretty sure the load rating is due to the engine weight. Same on a Porsche because all of the engine weight is over the rear tires.
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