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Gallardo is the right choice

Hi Blambo
I am a Gallardo owner, and I can tell you that the car is fantastic!!! You can see my car in the garage section of the site. First off, in my opinion, the Gallardo could be used as a daily driver with ease. My car was purchased in mid-April and already has 3000 miles on it. I have the e-gear version, and have had no troubles with it. Other than regular maintenance, I have not experienced any problems; in fact, it is probably the best overall and user friendly exotic car that I have ever driven. As far as depression goes, I am from the camp that says if resale is a big concern, exotics are not worth the risk. I bought my car out of love and passion, not resale! Most modern day production exotics should be seen as an expense not an investment; they will lose money and cost you something in the end. If you are like me, you will love your purchase, and when the time comes for another car, you will move forward without hesitation. Overall the Gallardo is outstanding, and equally as important, it is a Lamborghini, the greatest most exotic car company ever!

Good luck!
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