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blambo boy said:

Can you genuinely use it weekends and a couple time during the week ie almost daily user?

what are the regular user headaches of an exotic like this ie. heard someone mention reverse parking etc.?

I have had my Gallardo since June this year. It's an e-gear.

Yes, we genuinely use it on weekends for trips away. Not a lot of luggage space, but my wife and I have been away for four day weekends and found the space quite enough. Actually you would be surprised just how much you can stuff in the luggage compartment and behind the seats. Golf clubs and surfboards could be a problem though!

I try and use it a couple of times during the week, but city stop-start traffic jams can be a bit irksome with the e-gear. It does the job fine, but is rather "clunky" at very low speeds, especially when it drops back to first, as you pull up at lights or an intersection. No big deal, and certainly no headache - but don't expect it to be "slush bucket" smooth at very low speeds. The manual would probably be a better bet for these conditions. However, the e-gear absolutely excels in all other respects, and once you get moving it is an absolutely fantastic experience. I know that opinions are divided as to which is better. I have driven both, and especially when it comes to performance driving, for me the e-gear is just streets ahead - I love it.

As far as headaches, well, standing starts on very steep hills with the e-gear, can be a bit demanding on the clutch (and driver!), espectially if you are caught up in a line of traffic. Reverse parking takes a bit of getting used to. And there is a horrific blind spot around the C pillars which can initially make merging and changing lanes rather intimidating. But the mirrors are fantastic, and within a very short time you will become quite proficient at safely merging, changing lanes, and parking.

Proabably the biggest headache I've found with the Gallardo is it's predisposition to scraping it's nose on inclines, driveway entrances, speed bumps etc. Whilst it has a sacrificial metal strip under the nose that always touches first, so the actual front nose/spolier does not get damaged, it sounds horrific whenever it happens. There are many entrances and "obstacles" which I would not tackle in the Gallardo, that I would not even think twice about in a "normal" car.

The "wow" factor produced by a parked Lamborghini will always mean that it is the centre of attention and will attract a lot of on-lookers. So if you intend to park it at your local Supermarket and DIY store, then expect it to get noticed. If you are going to be worried about "adverse" attention, finger marks, scratches, dents from other people opening car doors etc., then you may end up a nervous wreck! Me? I am very selective where I park it in public areas.

So, I have given you a few things to try and put you off Gallardo ownership. You did ask! Having said all that, these things completely pale into insignificance when you get behind the wheel and start to drive it as it was designed to be driven. It is a truely awesome and entoxicating car, it's finish and build qualilty is first class, it's handling defies description, it's acceleration and power is relentless, and the brakes are incredible.

Go for it - you won't be dissapointed.
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