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FS: radar detector, Escort 9500ix $270 lowered - photos

scratched sides up a bit when i crashed my car, the cheap mount was broken, you can buy a mount off ebay for like 5 or $10 there are all kinds on there, the radar works good! only the sides are scratched, no cracks or major damage as you can see in the photos, Powers on, sound is loud, all buttons work.

The lens is good, this thing will pick up a cop from miles away, 9.5 mile detection distance. normally sells for around $500, I am only selling it because i no longer own a car. (motorcycle)


$325 shipped

1) 9500ix alerts to photo speed traps and red light cameras, and can be combined with optional Shifter ZR4, a laser jammer with 3 laser modules

2) 9500ix is loaded with the latest GPS coordinates of photo speed traps and red light cameras when shipped. Free GPS updates (use mini-USB connector provided) for the 1st 90 days after purchase by registering with Escort, connecting to the speed camera database;

3) Detects X, Ku, K, Ka Superwide, POP3 police radar bands, 9.5 mile detection distance;

4) Provides GPS radar features to reduce false noise alerts; identify and alert to photo radar speed traps and red light cameras;

5) Superb at detecting those over-the-hill, hidden police radar speed traps;
6) Superb voice alerts on radar, laser and SWS;

7) Provides the fewest false radar alerts (also called false positives) of any radar detector;

8) Easy to program for modes of operation;

9) 100% invisible to VG2 and VG4 radar detector detectors, Spectre II RDD, but not 100% invisible to Spectre, OPP Spectre and Stalcar RDD.

10) Can also program for Ku radar on or off - making the Passport 9500ix radar detector a 5 Star rating
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