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Hey guys,

Have an LP700 front bumper for sale. It's ready for paint. Had a crack - was repaired by expedition motor company.
Have had this thing sitting on my shelf for past year and a half, can some one take this off my hands?

ECB05953-C2A4-419C-A7CC-32C8CD8423B5_1_105_c.jpeg 66621C79-B123-421B-AB89-FB9B1245F4F0_1_105_c.jpeg 9E46241F-A72E-458D-9EA7-AFC8903C2AFE_1_105_c.jpeg 9BDD339D-340A-4812-BC56-E060B91BA209_1_105_c.jpeg AF2AA0A2-D8D5-44B4-A854-7F34E66739C8_1_105_c.jpeg 5957C61E-68DC-4FF2-B846-851423C49D1C_1_105_c.jpeg
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