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All parts are located in Seoul South Korea - Brand New In Boxes.
Tried to import my car, but had problems and got scammed by an import dealer... Never going to try that again!

Selling parts for 50% off prices. Bumper is $500 for shipping though! All parts are already in S. Korea (and duties paid) so if you know someone in Korea, Asia, or in AMerica that doesnt mind paying for the shipping PM me here OR email me at t_e_g_u at


Lamborghini Gallardo & Superleggera Cat-Bypass
Pipes $450 + shipping
FABSPEED: Lamborghini Sports Exhaust System

Fits all Gallardo vehicles 2004+ coupe,
spider & Superleggera.Maxflo Sports racing catalytic converters for the fabulous
Lamborghini Gallardo. Fabspeed Maxflo sports racing cats
replaces the restrictive factory catalytic converters with
straight pipes.Easy simple direct replacement bolt-on for the stock heavy
factory OEM Gallardo cats. Noticeably more power and much better throttle response.Optional 02 spacers available to keep C.E.L. off. $150/set
when purchased with catbypass pipes. Dramatic and incredible improvement in sports car sound.
Fits all cars worldwide. T304 stainless steel mirror polished with high performance
imported sports racing catalytic converters.The Fabspeed Maxflo sports racing catalytic converters
make the Gallardo Coupe & Spider sound great and add
significant power and flames at night. Gallardo Maxflo Mufflers & 2ndary Bypass Pipes Video.wmv

Plus 90 degree 02 sensor spaces - no Check engine light ($120)

Gallardo LP560-4 Style Polyurethane Front Bumper $3,995.00 + Shipping $400
Fits all Gallardos from 04-07/08

Racing Sport Concepts

quality High Pressure Polyurethane (no Fiberglass/CF on the leading edge)
It has a Carbon Fiber Center Splitter and also comes with all new powder coated grills.

Price is was $4k - now $2k shipped OBO

Sport Air Filters - 2 x $50 = $100 + shipping $20 = $120
Price = 12만원

Gallardo Cabin filter = $20


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Can you PM me a package price on:

Cat bypass pipes
Oil filter and wrench
Cabin filter

My wife travels to kr monthly and I can have her pick up parts from you.
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