Year: 2009
VIN: ZHWGU54T29LA07736
Miles on car: 39k
Miles on Motor: 19k
Color: Verde Ithaca
Interior: Nero Perseus
Options: Carbon Ceramic Brakes, E-Gear, Electric/Heated Seats, Rear View Camera, Leather Package II, Transparent Engine Bonnet, etc.
Car is also signed by Valentino Balboni
This car has been extremely well cared for and is in excellent condition.

Mods on the car are as follows:
RSC SL Wing - $3200
RSC Side Skirts - $3600
Xpel Clear Film (Complete front end, mirrors, roof, side skirts, rear bumper, etc)
Modesta Ceramic Coating - $5000
New Windshield with ClearPlex installed since day one - $6000
Variant Argon Wheels $2400
Michelin Pilot Sport 4s $1600
Carbon Fiber rear diffuser - LP570 style $1300
Carbon fiber Steering wheel with Shift light $1980

MA Carbon Instrument Cluster Surround - $1000
MA Carbon Auxiliary Gauge Surround - $500
KLA Extended Paddle Shifters - $700
RSC Carbon Center Console - $800
RSC Carbon AC Surround - $800
Lamborghini Connectivity Unit - $2800

Heffner Performance 800hp Bolt On Kit - $30000
Suspension JRZ RS-Pro Coilovers - $5000
Custom Spacers - $350

Engine replaced 6 months ago. Motor has 19k miles on it.
Turbos rebuilt 6 months ago.
Just had the transmission rebuilt by HCF performance.
Brand new clutch installed 6 months ago.
Brake pads installed 3 years ago ($800)
New AC compressor installed three years ago.

------- In pursuit of full transparency, the car has an accident reported on its CarFax.

This is the statement from the previous owner.
I happened to be present the day the “accident” occurred with its original owner (before my ownership), as we were both members in a local car club. We were all driving through the twisties in our area when a random car decided to join the party. Unfortunately, the uninvited guest was following too closely behind the LP and was unable to stop intime during a panic stop. He tapped the rear diffuser on the LP and cracked the leading edge next to the right exhaust tip. There was no damage to the bumper or any painted surface, it was just the actual diffuser itself. The owner at time, decided it wasn’t even worth fixing since you could barely see the crack. However, being that a police report was filed and he was issued a payment from the other party’s insurance, it was unfortunately reported to CarFax. When I purchased the car, I actually ordered are placement rear diffuser and installed it myself as I wanted the car to be 100% perfect. I still have the original diffuser and I have the receipt for the replacement that I purchased. As stated previously, there was no damage to any painted surface, so the car still has an all original factory paint job. Needless to say, the car has been a labor of love over the past 5.5 years and an absolute blast to own. I never cut a corner and always made sure that the car was in perfect mechanical condition for when I decided to do a top speed run or hit up the twisties.

Location: Phoenix, AZ
Asking Price:
Reduced to $163,000